Universal Precautions

Putting On Gloves

Use disposable gloves when providing first aid care. If you have a latex allergy, use a latex alternative such as nitrile or vinyl. Before providing care, make sure the gloves are not ripped or damaged. You make need remove rings or other jewelry that may rip the gloves.

Removing Gloves

Remember to use skin to skin and glove to glove. Pinch the outside wrist of the other gloved hand. Pull the glove off turning the glove inside-out as you remove it. Hold it in the gloved hand. Use the bare hand to reach inside the other glove at the wrist to turn it inside out trapping the other glove inside. Dispose of gloves properly. If you did it correctly, the outside of either glove never touched your exposed skin.

Use a Rescue Mask or Face Shield

If you have to provide rescue ventilations, use a rescue mask or face shield that has a one way valve. To prevent exposure, avoid giving direct mouth to mouth ventilations.