Chain of Survival

Cardiac Chain of Survival

Every link in a chain is critical the the integrity of the chain itself, which is why the use of the metaphor is so important when we look at the cardiac chain of survival. Every step in the cardiac chain of survival is critical to a successful outcome. 

A weak link in the chain of survival includes any delays moving from step-by-step. You’ll want to move deliberately and quickly through the steps when there’s an emergency. The earlier the steps take place, the better the chance of a patient’s survival.

  • Recognition and Activation of EMS – Recognizing a cardiac arrest and contacting emergency medical services
  • High-Quality CPR – Early cardiopulmonary resuscitation
  • Defibrillation – Use of an AED as soon as possible
  • Advanced Care – by Emergency Medical Services and other healthcare providers
  • Post Cardiac Arrest Care
  • Recovery – This includes additional treatment, observation, rehabilitation, and psychological support